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Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, the insurance coverage follows the car. It is important that policy holders inform the insurance company of all drivers in a household, as problems may arise if a claim is filed while an "unknown" person was driving the car. Oftentimes in such cases, a claim will still be paid by the insurance company, but the company then has the right to discontinue the coverage at the time of renewal due to misrepresentation of the policy holder.
Renters insurance is very similar to home owners insurance, without covering the house or the actual building structure. Whether you own or are renting the place in which you live, your possessions are still susceptible to theft, water damage, fire damage, and more. Renter's insurance protects your assets and gives you liability coverage in case of an accident that causes damage to another tenant's property.
No one plans on getting cancer or having to deal with a debilitating accident. Should such an event occur, you will want to focus on your health and not worry about how to pay the bills while you are recovering. Disability insurance can make sure that you will still receive money each month (an average of 50%-60% of your paycheck), so you can focus on your health and recovery.
If you are the primary breadwinner of the family, a simple rule of thumb is to multiply your annual income by five and use that as a basis for your life insurance coverage. Life insurance policies can do many different things, depending on what you want them to do. Some people use them to cover college tuition or outstanding debt. Talk to one of our agents at Nelson Insurance Agency and we can help you determine what amount of coverage will work best for you.
General liability protects you from accidents occurring on your business or personal property, such as someone accidentally slipping on a wet aisle at your store or tripping on a stump in your yard. Professional liability protects your business against bad advice or guidance. Any time you give advice professionally, you are opening yourself up for a professional liability claim.
Always remember to call EMS or 911 first. Make sure the situation is safe. Police reports are important to have when filing a claim with the insurance company, especially if another vehicle was involved. Usually calling the insurance company the next day to file a claim is fine, but the sooner the better.
An umbrella policy provides extra coverage in addition to policies already in effect such as home, auto, or recreational vehicle insurance. If something really bad were to happen, such as a car accident resulting in someone's death, chances are your auto insurance may not provide the coverage you need. An umbrella policy is where you will find the extra coverage needed to go above and beyond in unusual circumstances.